Have Adorable Dogs Been The Solution To Road Rage This Whole Time?

Green Flag, a roadside assistance provider in the UK, recently conducted some research on what stresses out Brits the most when traveling by car or public transportation.

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Given there have been studies that show dogs can help with our mental health, we are definitely open to hear how the Brits are using dogs and puppies in other ways to improve people’s lives.


They found that 36 percent of British residents say that traffic is the number one cause of their stress, followed by workload (33 percent) and bills (25 percent). But what is it with traveling by car and public transportation that got the Brits all stressed out?


Well, the obvious: 28 percent of the Brits identified traffic and getting lost as the most stressful, while 26 percent said delays and cancellation and 21 percent said the car breaking down.

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So to see whether they could do something about all this stress, Green Flag launched a one-off service with the assistance of seven golden retriever puppies.

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The puppies weren’t there to fix, recharge or replace worn out batteries; instead, they helped relaxed Green Flag customers. Based on the customer response, we won’t be surprised if Green Flag makes this service permanent. One of the customers wanted to stay inside the van “forever”. We don’t blame her.


Watch the whole “experiment” in the video below!

Green Flag and the Seven Puppies

Flat battery stress? No worries. We’ve hired extra technicians – seven golden retriever puppies!

Posted by Green Flag on Tuesday, February 23, 2016


H/t to Express

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Sources: Express, Green Flag UK/ Facebook, Ball State Daily

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