Pup Miraculously Rescued From Tianjin Blast Inspires A Nation

Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

August 19, 2015

In the wake of the alarming Tianjin explosion, Shengua was rescued from the site without as much of a scratch on him.


The blast devastated nearby communities, making this pup’s rescue astounding. 114 people were killed in the deadly explosion, along with 700 injuries and 70 people confirmed missing. This little pup is a tale of miracles. Shengua was found wandering among debris by rescue workers three days after the explosion.

shengua 2

When Shengua — whose name means biochemistry, or chemical, depending on the source — was rescued, none of the soldiers who found him could find any injuries. The pup emerged from the trauma victorious. It is not confirmed who owns the pup or why he was at the explosion site.

shengua 3

The soldiers were sent to clean up the explosion site, but ended up changing Shengua’s life forever. Since his rescue, the pup refuses to leave the side of the workers who came to his aide.

shengua 4

In a more heartwarming turn, Shengua has given hope to many people in China. BBC reported waves of happiness in the wake of tragedy: “We have been reading so many stories of death and loss, especially our young firefighters. So I am glad to hear how a tiny puppy has become a story of strength and kindness in China today,” said Weibo user Yang Yi Chang.

shengua 5

While Tianjin recovers, many people voiced their hope that Shengua will find his forever home. In the mean time, he’s become a symbol of hope to many and a poster pup for overcoming tragedy! You’re in our hearts, Shengua, and keep bringing love to the people. ❤️

Featured image via Daily Mail and H/t via Mirror

Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

August 19, 2015