Abandoned Puppy With Severed Leg Refuses To Give Up, Learns To Run Again

Note: This video contains footage that may be too graphic for tiny hoomans and some adult hoomans. Be warned.

Today’s tragedy turned transformation is the story of Jordan, a puppy who was cruelly abused, thrown 30 feet into the Los Angeles river, and left for dead. Rescuers brought the frightened pup to the hospital where he was treated for a severed leg, bacterial infections, mange, and malnutrition. The loving care of the doctors and Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws aided his speedy recovery. Doctors say it’s a miracle Jordan lived. The tenacious little survivor has recovered from his injuries and is a completely different dog today. This tripod loves hanging out with his foster siblings, doing normal dog things, and even swimming in the pool. Jordan may have lost his leg, but he never lost hope.

h/t to The Huffington Post

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago