Puppy Seen Dragged And Thrown On Video Saved From Owner

It takes a special kind of evil in a person to want to inflict harm upon a dog, let alone a puppy. When Tara Dycus of Houston, Texas was caught on video last week literally dragging and throwing her nine-week-old dog, Cookie, on a suburban sidewalk, authorities took swift action. Cookie was ordered to be taken from Tara and placed at the Houston Humane Society before she could be transferred to a rescue home. Cookie did not sustain any lasting injuries from the abuse, and is expected to make a full physical and emotional recovery. WARNING: This footage is graphic and could be upsetting to viewers: Tara is now facing criminal charges, and though she expressed at her hearing that "losing a puppy is just like losing a child," we can't help but hope Tara never gets her hands on a puppy again. Stay tuned for more updates.
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Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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