Sister Duo Create A Wonderful World Where All Dogs Can Ride The Bus

In March 2014, Chicagoan sisters Susan and Nancy Wu adopted their first dog, Denver. Denver hailed from a shelter in Tennessee and ended up in Chicago. When they brought him home, at just 1½ years old he was still a "big adolescent ball of love, energy, anxiety and nuttiness." wu sisters As they got to know Denver, they learned of his quirks including a strong dislike for yoga mats and speeding cars. They also discovered his love of buses. The sisters explained, that while Denver is not fond of cars, "If there is a bus pulling up to the corner, he will happily trot up to it and then twist his head around to stare wistfully after we walk past. Every. Single. Time." puppy transit Denver's adoration of buses, and his inability to ever ride one (he is too large and is not a service animal) inspired the sisters to create a world where Denver can ride the bus. puppy transit Their book, Puppy Transit, showcases a world where dogs with different jobs commute to and from work. The story focuses on Freddie, a boy, who meets Denver, a homeless dog. Freddie's family adopts Denver and Freddie wants to contribute to Denver's expenses. With Denver as his helper, they work together to transport dogs via a bus. puppy transit The Wu sisters sought to teach children how to be compassionate towards animals and about the immense power creative thinking holds to solve problems. It also portrays that while having a dog might be a lot of work, the rewards for such a loyal companion are immense. Puppy Transit is available as an ebook with plans to create a printed book in the near future. The sisters are also at work on sequels that will feature dogs at different jobs. They have a teaser for their upcoming book which profiles an astronaut (dog). puppy transit Beyond their book, Susan and Nancy also illustrate custom pet portraits and maintain a vibrant Instagram. puppy transit puppy transit puppy transit Be sure to follow @puppy_transit and check their blog for updates on Denver's adventures!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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