Foster Family Giving Lots Of Love To Puppy After She Witnessed Her Humans’ Murder

Police rushed to a home in Lincolnshire, England on April 15 to find two victims of murder and their 8-month-old puppy, cowering in her crate. A pair fourteen-year-olds, who will remain unnamed, have been charged with killing Liz Edwards and her teenage daughter Katie. They await trial in October.



The sight of the frightened dog, named Bebe, made it clear to authorities that she had witnessed the deaths of both her humans. Bebe was nervous, confused, and all the more shaken by police coming and going in their high visibility jackets.

bebe after rescue

Even now, Bebe is frightened of extremely bright-colored clothing. It’s something her foster family is very careful about, and her future owners will need to treat with consideration. After being transferred to a local dog warden, Bebe finally fell into the hands of Three Counties Dog Rescue. Here is what they have to say about Bebe on her adoption page:

Bebe has suffered a traumatic event and because of this she is not behaving like the 8 month old puppy she should. This isn’t worrying us because already after a few days in foster care with lots of love and cuddles she is coming out of herself and starting to play. We expect this only to improve.

Until the rescue deems Bebe fit for adoption, she will soak up all the TLC her foster parents can offer. And that’s quite a bit, as they’re doing everything possible to help Bebe enjoy puppyhood. This girl is looking for someone who understands what she’s been through and can continue to help build her confidence.

bebe foster dad

Her acceptance of other dogs and cats is unknown, though because she is so young the rescue does not anticipate a problem. They also expect that she will do well with children at least 8 years of age who know when to give her some space. If you are located within 50 miles of Bourne, Lincolnshire and are interested in the adorable Bebe, please contact Gyll Mauchline at the number listed on the adoption profile, or email [email protected]

Good luck on finding your forever home, Bebe! We know the perfect one is out there waiting for you.

h/t + featured image via Three Counties Dog Rescue

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago