Dogs At Home Charm Housebreaking Burglar Into Giving Them Treats

If the dogs won’t deter a burglar, well, maybe consider installing a puppy cam.

Homeowner Mia Nguyen set up a puppycam in her house so she could keep an eye on her pups while she was in the office. Recently, checking in on them she got the surprise of her life: A strange man breaking into her home and giving her pups treats!

via USA Today
via USA Today

As she told USA Today, Nguyen called the police, who were luckily able to catch the thief. Nguyen and her co-workers even watched the arrest in real-time via the puppy cam connection. Thankfully, no harm came to Nguyen, her home or her pups!

via USA Today
via USA Today

Talk about puppy cam saving the day! As for the pups, well…at least you’re cute, even if you’re not the fiercest guard doges ever! 🙂

Featured Image via USA Today/ABC News 10

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Lisa Bernier

7 years ago