12 Untamed Pups Who Were Born To Be Wild

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 18, 2015

…and that’s a wrap! #PupVsWild is now over but I feel confident that if there ever was a Zombie Treat Apocalypse, the Bark Pack would definitely protect us all! We saw everything from great survival tips to amazing tents. These pups even found a way to bring dinosaurs back into action.

Check out these 12 pups who have proven they have the skills necessary to survive on a deserted island:

1. “Dinosaurs make great body guards.”

PupVsWild - scrappythedoxie

2. “Ommm, I am one with nature.”

PupVSWild - Scruffy_In_Seattle

3. “Keep Calm and Beach On”

PupVSWild - zerochucksgiven

4. “If you’re going to live in the wild, you might as well look good doing it.”

PupVsWild - abbeybellacavalier


5. “Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance.”

PupVsWild -PupVsWild - buttonthefrenchie

6. “Elephants and skulls make great allies.”

Barkpost - RemixTheDog

7. “Never underestimate the strength of a dinosaur.”

PupVsWild - littlelucygoose

8. “I call this, the Sneaky Snack Attack.”

PupVsWild - dachshundswag

9. “Frozen Strawberry, I will win this staring contest!”

PupVSWild - muimuigolden

10. “Bananas make for great snacks unless you’re a monkey missing a body.”*

PupVsWild - prinss_lilo_weenie

11. “Am I supposed to dig a hole before or after I bury my treasure?”

PupVsWild - maruhusky

12. “Have you met my best friend Bear yet? He’s great a finding picnic baskets.”

PupVsWild - pawsandpaint

* Don’t worry, folks. It’s just a mask. 🙂

Featured image via @scoobythemixpittie

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 18, 2015