Dog Caught In A Downpour Kept Dry By Two Incredibly Kind Humans

Reviewed by Tiffany White

August 27, 2015

A man and a woman, both unidentified, were walking down the street when they noticed a dog standing in the middle of a rainstorm while tied to a lampost. The dog’s owner had tied the dog to the lampost to do a few minutes of shopping in a store. Unfortunately, a massive storm began as soon as the owner left, leaving the dog wet and shivering.


The two good samaritans took it upon themselves to care for the dog and keep it dry. They used their umbrellas to shied the dog from the rain and even covered the dog with their jacket to keep it warm. The couple stayed with the dog for 20 minutes until the dog’s owner came back.


Jon Sparkes, a worker at Gala Bingo Dover, saw what was going on and took pictures of the good strangers.

“They were really grateful,” he said, “and they waited there until the owner came back who was also very grateful to the couple.”


Another worker at the Bingo hall agreed: “The couple stayed with the dog about 15 to 20 minutes for the owner to return.  It wasn’t like an animal cruelty thing, they were just being nice. It just started raining out of nowhere.”

Aww, good boy–I mean humans!

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Reviewed by Tiffany White

August 27, 2015