Woman’s Reaction To Getting New Puppy Could Thaw The North Pole

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

December 21, 2015

Bringing a dog into your family is one of the warmest moments imaginable—you already know you’re in for a marathon of snuggles, kisses, and movie nights with the world’s best company. What’s left but to give them all the love you can manage?


Jonsie Duke, a vet tech in North Carolina, and her German Shepherd Marley had this sort of effortless relationship, but Duke’s life was shattered when she came home one day to find him dead in the bathtub. Blood stained the shower curtain, and she realized her best friend had been shot in the chest by a burglar.


The criminal(s) left Duke’s house in shambles after making off with several TVs and an XBox, but none of that meant anything when she’d discovered that they’d stolen her dog’s life. Duke told WNCN:

They robbed me. They could’ve just left him in my bedroom and took everything. They didn’t have to kill him.

It’s enough of a tragedy to shut anyone down completely. But when breeder Carolin Hogue from South Carolina heard what happened, she knew one of her dog’s ten new puppies was destined to bring Duke some happiness. “I am extremely grateful,” Duke said upon meeting her new puppy Ziggy for the first time. She continued:

I am grateful to WNCN for helping me and Carolin getting hooked up and grateful for (Hogue and her family) for driving all the way here and being willing to give me one of their babies.

While Marley’s death occurred just one month ago and his memory is still very much alive, Duke says she is looking forward to giving Ziggy all the love Marley once had. This pup is filling some pretty big shoes paws, but his eager kisses and blurry tail tell us he’s definitely up for the job.

ziggy kisses

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Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

December 21, 2015