15 Reasons To Immortalize Your Pup In Portrait Form

Written by: Emily Wang

January 7, 2016

Each and every dog owner is guilty of a few things, and taking way too many pictures of their dogs is definitely one of them. We’re all just trying to forever remember the journey with our four-legged best friends and while photos (a gazillion of them) are all great, it’s definitely not as special as having your dog be immortalized in portrait form.

No matter what your taste or style, you’ll find an artist somewhere who can capture your dog’s spirit like it was meant to be showcased, in all their glorious, doofy beauty.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you’ve got to jump on the dog portrait wagon!

1. What else are you going to do? Get a photo developed like it’s the 80’s! LOL


2. No matter the medium, a custom piece of art can capture your dog’s personality exactly the way YOU want it to.


3. Having a portrait painted used to be reserved for only the special but you can show your pup devotion by having his likeness forever captured in craft.


4. Why spend money on an artist expressing THEIR crazy when you can spend money on a painting that expresses YOUR crazy (dog love).


5. Art is weird. Half the time you’re like “Is this blotch of paint supposed to be a statement on world affairs or is this something a pre-schooler made?” Too many opinions. A painting of your dog is undeniably great. End of discussion. .


6. Plus, people will be oh so jelly when they see the artwork. They’ll scurry off to quickly get a portrait of their own. You trendsetter, you. 


7. Let’s be honest, your dog has been waiting for a chance to model nude.


8. And we heard that to achieve the highest echelon of crazy dog person you’ve got to have dog art for every room in your home.


9. Are you a dogless dog lover? Fret not, you can just get a portrait of your friend’s dog and keep it. 😉


10. If you believe your pup is royalty you’ve got to go the portrait route!


11. Whatever style you fancy, it’s out there. If traditional paintings aren’t for you, you can go totally contemporary with these minimalist pieces!

Woof Models

12. Or, get your pup’s portrait stamped on to a piece of jewelry so you can see him wherever you go. Fashion and art – two birds with one stone!


13. What if in 200 years your dog is hanging on the wall at the Louvre? People on dates will be saying “Oh yes, The Benji. That’s a classic”-just to get laid! . 


14. It’s the truest way to show off your love for the best thing that’s ever happened to you.


15. In fact, you should just go ahead and get a portrait of your dog AND you, so you can hang opposite your bed so you wake up to it every morning and fall asleep staring at it.

Water in my paint

Featured image via Pawtraitz

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Written by: Emily Wang

January 7, 2016

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