19 Reasons Why Dog Cuddles Are the Best Cuddles

We'll put it on record here and now: dogs are the greatest cuddlers of all livingkind. There are really too many reasons to name, but below are a few of the best. <3 1. Because they're super duper fluffy. cud1 2. Because they like how your feet smell (and every other part of you). cud2 3. Because they understand that you just need a hug. cud3 4. Because there's always room for one more. cud4 5. Because sometimes we all need a little love. cud5 6. Because they don't discriminate. cud6 [bp_related_article] 7. Because they can spoon... cud7 8. ... and be spooned. cud8 9. Because they have built in blankets. cud9 10. Because they like to sleep in even more than you. cud10 11. Because they are species-blind. cud11 12. Because everybody needs somebody to love. cud12 13. Because they want to watch whatever you want to watch. cud13 14. Because they get tired after a long day too. cud14 15. Because you're never too strong... cud14 16. ... too short... cud16 17. ... too big... cud17 18. ... or too small... cud18 19. ... to get a cuddle from your best friend. cud19 

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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