10 Undeniable Reasons to Date A Dog Person

Written by: Laura Hartle

August 21, 2014

It’s no secret that we think dogs are the greatest here at The BarkPost, but the humans who love ’em make pretty spectacular companions, too. Here’s why you’re looking for love in all the wrong places if you’re not looking at the dog park!

1. Easy-Going


Image via Cheezburger
Dog owners are used to the unexpected happening, but they roll with it. Sometimes a favorite shoe gets chewed or your pup comes down with an explosive case of the poops during your first time hosting Thanksgiving. S**t happens (and happens and happens). Clean it up and move on! 😉

2. World-Class Cuddlers


Gif via Olivethepeople
Snuggling and affection comes naturally to dog-lovers! All that time spent honing the art of the belly rub and perfecting head-scratching technique translates to human interaction, too.

3. Friendly


Image via Citizen Canine
Studies show that dog owners are generally more extroverted than cat owners or people without pets at all. After all, pup parents are used to chatting it up with fellow dog lovers at the dog park or pausing their walk to oblige someone who wants to pet their pooch.

4. Active


Image via Askinyourface
Dog owners are out walking with their pup several times a day, so they already have exercise built into their routine. On top of that, pup parents are often on the hunt to find new ways to experience the world with their dog (“How about beach? “Let’s go on a hike!”), so they are usually game for a new adventure like rock climbing or a trendy new exercise class that kinda just feels like going to a rave, but sure, why not?

5. Forgiving


Image via Dogshaming
Remember #1? Pup parents used to mishaps, but they understand that accidents do happen. What’s important is that everybody learns from it and moves on. (Except for that girl who turned you down for prom! She was totally a cat person anyway.)

6. Considerate


Gif via Peteava
Pup parents have learned to put other’s needs before their own. You may want to hit the snooze button, but a pup that’s gotta go has GOT to go. They also are great at tuning into little cues to measure the mood of their pup. A little empathy is always a good quality in a relationship. 🙂

7. An Animal In The Sack


Image via Apartment Therapy
Devoted dog lovers have been known to allow canine cuddle sessions to take place in their beds So, if you’d like to add snuggling a pup to your nighttime routine, they’d probably be into it. Why? What did you think we were gonna say?

8. Patient


Gif via Cheezburger
Training a pup takes time. Even the basics can be a challenge for some pups. But chances are, if they can put up with getting a dog to understand that a rug isn’t just a giant pee pad, they can deal with your unique human shenanigans.

9. Happy And Healthy


Image via @bordernerd
Science shows that dog owners are less stressed thanks to hormonal and chemical changes that occur from spending time with their pups! They also tend to be healthier and higher self-esteem than other pet owners or people without pets. How’s that for a good influence?

10.True Blue


Image via Your Pet Friends
Whether they are rescuing strays against the odds, rehabilitating dogs that others would call “lost causes”, or planning the best day ever to say goodbye to a pup they adore, dog people have learned about unconditional from the best and are happy to share that with the humans they care about, too.

Featured Image via Darcy Preece Photography

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Written by: Laura Hartle

August 21, 2014

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