10 Things Sid The Regal Beagle Is Most Likely Carrying In That Paper Bag

Sid, the regal Beagle from Texas, shot to internet fame-dom less than a year ago, after a Vine of him eating pizza went viral and gave every warm-bloodied American a new hero/spirit animal.

Sid’s celebridog status means regular attention from the paw-parazzi. The latest scoop came a couple of days ago, when Sid was seen moseying down the block carrying a paper bag. The aptly named, regal Beagle gave no pause for comment, and while his Instagram promises that bag is filled with tacos, with no big reveal, Sid’s fans are left to speculate what exactly the adorable heart-throb was transporting.


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We at BarkPost have a few immature educated guesses of our own of what Sid’s carrying….

1. Hotel toiletries.

2. Squirrel from the park #nailedit.

3. Bully sticks from the black market.


4. Cuban cigars.

5. Stolen Oscar swag.

6. Goldfish from the fair. (it didn’t make it =( )

7. Daniel’s white Vans.


8. Your man! (Deal with it.)

9. Your mom! (Deal with it.)

10. Gwenyth Paltrow’s head from the movie Se7en!
gwenyth paltrow 7

Just kidding! We all know he’s carrying pizza flavored tacos!


What a prince!
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Featured image via @myregalbeagle/Vine

Zoe Costello

6 years ago