After Being Rejected Seven Times, This Dog Desperately Needs Someone To Love Her

This adorable Beagle mix is named Miffy. Miffy is only 8 months old. Due to “free to good home” ads, the poor pup has already had seven different homes.

When re-homing a pet, a person thinks they’re doing the right thing by using a “free to good home” ad. The idea being that the owner would rather the animal find a good home, than make money selling the pup. Unfortunately, with no means to regulate, these pets are often seen as disposable. “Free to good home” ads also make it very easy for bad people to get their hands on animals.


Miffy was never physically abused, but she has been neglected. Like children, puppies need stability and constancy to develop proper social skills, and because she was passed around so frequently, Miffy was never given a real opportunity to learn those skills.

Thankfully, the beautiful Beagle is now in foster care with Jordan Matsacos at Geelong Animal Rescue in Australia. Matsacos has worked hard to train and socialize the pup, and Miffy’s progress has been rebarkable.


Speaking to Miffy’s past, Matsacos said:

“We want to make sure these homes are forever homes and not just the next stop. Free to good home ads and posts are something that makes us so upset and so angry. How do you know it’s a good home when you give them away for free? Bring them to a rescue facility.”

And now, Geelong Animal Rescue is looking forward to finding this playful pup a furever family to take her home.


For more information on Miffy visit GAR’s website.

h/t Herald Sun

Featured image via GAR

Zoe Costello

7 years ago