Rescue Dog Keeps Lost 3-year-old Boy Warm Until Help Arrives

You can’t beat the story of a rescue dog getting the chance to return the favor, and this one is really something special! Courtney and Brock Urness of Cooperstown, North Dakota were horrified to discover that their 3-year-old son, Carson, had gone missing. When they found that their rescue pup, Cooper, was also missing, it gave them hope.

“You think of the worst, but then I knew Cooper was gone. If anyone was going to find him, they’d just have to find Cooper,” Courtney said.


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Cooper formed a deep bond with the Urness family when they rescued him from the side of the road as a puppy, so Courtney wasn’t surprised when the brave dog went in search of the smallest member of his pack.


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Temperatures dropped as the night wore on, and when rain started to set in, the rescue party of 200 people started to dwindle. One of the remaining volunteers thought he spotted Cooper, and when headlights revealed the protective pup, Cooper stood up just long enough to let the volunteers know he was there before laying back down on top of Carson. When rescuers found them, Carson was fast asleep, warm and dry beneath Cooper.

“Carson told his mom that Cooper stayed on top of him and kept him safe and warm…I’m very proud of him,” Brock Urness said.

So are we. Check out the full story here:

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Laura Hartle

8 years ago