Everett The Rescue Dog Made Mayor For A Day In Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada has granted a rescue dog a very special “paw”nor: Everett the Newfoundland/Lab mix was appointed mayor for a day. He was given this awesome honor as part of the local SPCA‘s “An Affur to Remember” event. He raised his paw and promised to solemnly swear to execute the office of mayor, so help him dog. His adoptive parents/bodyguards attended the fundraiser as they helped Everett run for office and win the prize as mayor-elect.


His day started at noon (like most politicians!) where sitting mayor Hillary Schieve read an official “pup”clamation at City Council Chambers. Everett also took photos at all the important landmarks in Reno, making sure to mark his territory at each and every place he visited where a fire hydrant was nearby.


Everett even got to travel in a limousine escort. (Was his dog bowl diamond encrusted?)

Mayor Everett ended his day raising a graceful paw in gratitude as he transitioned back into civilian life. He was given a “ruff”tirement package from the SPCA, which included a dog bed, a bowl, gift basket and an economy-sized bag of dog food.

Hopefully, he’s left his legacy for dogs everywhere and has inspired the next dog to run for the Dog Party on the platform of more treats, walks and belly scratches.

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Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago