Rescuers Give Dog The Best Father’s Day Gift By Saving His Family Of 3 Puppies

Eldad Hagar and other Hope For Paws rescuers were in for a surprise when they were called out to a steel yard to rescue a mom and her three puppies.

After winning the trust of the “mom” and scooping up her terrified babies, the team realized that the doting mom was actually a doting dad!


Eldad wrote on Facebook:

“It is so unusual in the dog world, but the dad, Wonton, stayed with his babies and took care of them. He is the most patient dad I have ever seen. He loves his kids so much!”

The puppies now have names as adorably delicious as their dad’s: Noodle, Macaroni and Ravioli. Although no one knows what happened to the mama of this family, the pups certainly aren’t lacking for any pawrental love, as you can see at the end of this heartwarming video.

The entire family is ready to find their forever homes. You can learn more about Wonton and his family at Hope For Paws.

Featured image via Hope For Paws.

h/t Huffington Post.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago