Scrapple The Rescue Pig “Hates Everything” Except Her Pit Bull Best Friend

Written by: Arin Greenwood

April 22, 2016

Bob the Pit Bull loves everything. Especially his best friend, Scrapple the pig — who, for her part, “hates everything” with one exception, explains mom Jennifer Michaels-Kelly.

That exception, of course, being Bob.


Scrapple has good reason to feel a little hostile toward the world, given what she’s been through.

She was in bad shape when she joined Jennifer’s Maryland household in 2014.

Jennifer had seen a Facebook post about a small, young pig who needed to find a new home quickly. She volunteered to take the pig in. A woman came to drop the pig off, and then “took off like a bat out of hell,” Jennifer says.

Once I got her home and out of her crate I wanted to cry. She was covered head to toe in mange that you could just peel away. She ran around looking for corners she could rub against it to alleviate the itch. She looked like you could see her ribs from the mange.


Jennifer and her husband had two English Bulldogs and a cat — named Cujo — at the time. The other animals, and Scrapple, all more or less ignored each other.

They also ignored Jennifer more than she really appreciated. Last spring — with Scrapple all better, and an autoimmune disease making Jennifer feel especially awful — she began thinking of adding a more attentive dog into the fold.


Jennifer initially set her sights on one dog whose adoption listing she’d seen on the Mongtomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center Facebook page.

Canine Cupid had another idea. When Jennifer got to the shelter, she saw Bob. He saw her. “Our eyes locked,” she says. You don’t need me to tell you how that story goes.


Bob had some anxiety, and fear, in his early days. Still, he and Scrapple hit it off right from the start — then, as now, on Scrapple’s rather cantankerous, sometimes amorous, terms.

Says Jennifer:

She knows she can beat Bob up and he’ll come back for more.


Yes, Bob takes it with aplomb. With devotion.

When Scrapple retires to her own room, at any point during the day or night, Jennifer observes that he “he lies in front of the puppy gate, pouting because his friend went to bed.”

FullSizeRender (3)

Jennifer still has tough days. Her illness can be debilitating, and depressing.

Says Jennifer:

My life has been very hard the last two years. But Bob takes care of me.

He woke her up the other night when she was having a panic attack and “lay on me putting his face in mine until I calmed down,” she says. “I feel like Bob was put here to protect me.”

Not that it’s a competition. But if it were a competition, Jennifer would even say that sweet, caring, magnanimous Bob perhaps loves her more than he loves his pig best friend.


And he sure loves his pig best friend.

Scrapple gets crabby with Bob sometimes, and then she will nip at him, or “snout punch him, mount him then kick him over and down two steps,” says Jennifer.

Still, “if he hears her squeal, he comes running,” she says. “They have a special relationship.”


Featured image via Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center

Written by: Arin Greenwood

April 22, 2016

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