Viral Photos Of Rescue Puppy Inspire Famous Foster Mom To Create Calendar For Charity

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

February 1, 2016

When award-winning photographer  Sophie Gamand brought a foster puppy named Tucker into her home, she had no idea that he would become her muse and an internet sensation. Tucker was abandoned on a lonely highway in North Carolina. He spent more than two months in a high-kill NC shelter before being selected by the New York-based rescue group, Mr. Bones & Co.


Gamand and her husband selflessly volunteered to foster the snow-white, freckle-faced pup with the soulful eyes. Soon, Gamand began snapping photos of Tucker and found that they made the perfect artist-muse team! With each session in front of the camera, a little more of Tucker’s sweet, playful personality was revealed.

tucker smile

Gamand is no stranger to photographing dogs. Her first photography book Wet Dog is available now and her gorgeous series Flower Power featuring shelter Pit Bulls in gorgeous floral crowns practically broke the internet. She believes that photographers have a unique opportunity to promote awareness and advocate for shelter dogs. Through their art they can capture the soul of these dogs and get their images in front of infinitely more potential adopters than the shelters could dream to do on their own.


Little Tucker is the perfect example. After his hilariously adorable photos appeared on Gamand’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, Tucker became a social media superstar! Thanks to the exposure Mr. Bones & Co. received, Tucker found his furever home (he now goes by Jasper), and the group was able to redirect some of the Tucker-mania onto other adoptable pups.


Seeing the incredibly positive attention showered upon the Mr. Bones & Co. rescue as a result of her work, Gamand was inspired to take it a step further. She collected the best of Tucker’s many photos into a calendar and is dedicating 100% of the proceeds to Mr. Bones & Co. You can get your very own copy of the calendar here or purchase individual prints via Gamand’s website.


Now that Jasper (or the Artist Formerly Known as Tucker) is safe and happy in his new home, it’s time for Gamand to find her next muse. We can all rest assured that the lucky pup will be another shelter dog. Gamand is grateful and encouraged to see her two greatest passions – rescue dogs and photography – coming together to make the world a better place.

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Featured Image via Sophie Gamand Photography

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

February 1, 2016

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