This Rescued Bait Dog Is Teaching Kids To Speak Out Against Animal Cruelty

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

January 8, 2016

When animal control officers found Echo, he weighed just 23 pounds, he had been beaten and left for dead in the road with open, festering wounds. But despite his terrible condition and past, Echo’s calm and friendly nature prevailed through his abuse. Now this inspiring dog is teaching kids to speak out against animal cruelty.


Given his injuries, filed-down teeth, and docile disposition, officials believe the 2-5-year-old dog was used as a bait dog to train fighting dogs. After being rescued, Echo spent time recovering through a volunteer foster care network until he was adopted by Jeremy Schnabel, the animal control officer who responded to the call and picked maggots out of his wounds.

Even though Jeremy and his wife had already reached their self-determined maximum of two pets, they couldn’t resist making Echo a permanent member of their family and brought the resilient pup home once he’d recovered enough. Echo gained thirty much-needed pounds and is living a happy and healthier life.


But it’s clear Echo’s amazing story made him destined to become more than just a house pet, so Schnabel planned a visit to a local elementary school to help kids understand that sometimes animal don’t have a voice – which is why they need us to be one for them.

Schnabel wanted the kids to first get to know Echo through his “before” photos so while he shared Echo’s story, the dog hid in the gym teacher’s office, waiting to surprise the kids in pawson and show off the incredible recovery he’s made after so much suffering.


The pair hopes that meeting Echo will inspire kids to speak out and tell someone if they witness animal cruelty. While the police haven’t found the person who left Echo for dead, hearing the story of the pain he went through can inspire a new generation of young animal lovers to take action for animals through each school visit this brave pup makes.

Watch a video of Echo’s first school visit below:


Featured Image via Mint Hills Weekly

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

January 8, 2016