Rescued Deaf Pup is So Happy He Wags His Tail While Sleeping

We’ve seen plenty of happy pups here at The BarkPost, but this doge named Frank may be the happiest of all!  How happy you ask?  Well, just watch the video below.  He wags his tail in his sleep!

According to Frank’s owner, Rafael Borges, the pup was very malnourished when he adopted him, weighing only 7 pounds and was not vaccinated.  An infection may have caused Frank to go deaf. Frank was also fed adult dog food and kept in a tiny cage with his only friend…a torn blanket.

Luckily, Borges stepped in and adopted Frank.  And through love and care, Frank has blossomed into an extremely happy pup!

Hat Tip to Huffington Post.

Griffin Shaffer

8 years ago