Rescued Mini-Pig And Her Puppy Pal Want Nothing More Than To Snuggle Forever

Written by: Michella Ventres

February 27, 2016

About seven weeks ago, Kookie and Kipper Mini Pigs got a frightening call about a piglet who was left alone in the cold. The Tennessee-based group drove two hours to save the piggy, now called Piper, unsure if she would even make it through the night.


Well make it she did, and she slowly began to accept food and settle in to her new home. With a little love, Piper even started giving in to small but unbelievably adorable bursts of energy.

When she seemed to recover from her scary ordeal, things only got cuter. The neighbor’s puppy changed Piper’s life—she had a friend, and that was the best thing in the world! They wrestled, nuzzled, and ran around like maniacs, but mostly they just snuggled in Piper’s bed.

Their little twitches and snores are almost too much to handle…

Sadly, this piggy’s spotted friend doesn’t get to stay forever. Piper’s family noticed she gets bored without her buddy, and so they announced on Instagram that they plan to get a puppy soon to keep her company. We bet she’s super pumped about that idea! Meanwhile, she still has the memories and a few fun-filled playdates to enjoy.

We wish you luck in all your adorable endeavors, Piper, and look forward to seeing more of your adventures on Instagram!

H/t + Featured Image via @kookieandkipper_minipigs/Instagram

Written by: Michella Ventres

February 27, 2016