10 Dogs Who Know How To Spend Money Better Than Humans

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 2, 2015

A couple of months ago the Instagram account, Rich Kids of Instagram, blew up. Featuring photos of kids who can’t even legally drink surrounded by a life of luxury, it gives us a glimpse into a life 98% of us will never experience. While being jealous of another human being is natural, you wouldn’t expect to be envious of dogs (even though they don’t need to pay taxes, can sleep all day, and pee wherever they want. Ok, so maybe we are).

If you want even more reasons to be envious, well, now there is literally now a Rich Dogs of Instagram. Kaylin Pound of the Elite Daily decided to compile a photo list of dogs living the high life. The Instagram account features pooches of all breeds and sizes, swimming in piles of money, flying in private jets, wearing obscene amounts of bling and sitting poolside.

Check out some these pooches who are sitting pretty in the lap of luxury!

1. Colby actually prefers Dior but the human loves Chanel


2. Baron owns the human and the plane, not the other way around


3. It’s just another day in Ozzie’s life.


4. “I’m the sassiest, prettiest, and richest shihtzu around.”


5. You’ll only be seeing the backside of Miu Miu’s sweet new ride.


6. “Aww man, what should Hugo Bauce do today?? Soooo much to do!”


7. Lincoln is a BIG fan of a nice red.


8. The request was for gold. Several work orders later, they delivered gold.


9. It took Lola a long time to get this point in her life. She can finally afford Chanel.


10. The only way this pooch can go to sleep is by being tucked in by Mr. Jackson and Mr. Franklin.

Green with envy? Rather than stare at your bank account with its lack of green, head over to their Instagram page for more cute canine pics!

All Images via @richdogsofig

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 2, 2015