15 “Treat Faces” Too Ridiculous To Resist

We all know and love the ridiculous faces our pups make when they hear the coveted word "treat." Some pups have the patience to sit and stare longingly into your soul, while other pups will run around excitedly until they get the goods. But some need to grab your attention immediately, and what better way than to make a "treat face" you will never forget? 1. This dingus is in the middle of asking for a treat or four. 1   2. "Did you just say what I think you said?!" 2 [bp_related_article]   3. "Hey! Over here! I'm open!" 3   4. "I demand you put that bacon right in this here mouth!" 4   5. This pupper's so excited, he forgot to put his tongue back in his mouth. 5   6. "But if there are no treats, then what is the meaning of life?" 6   7. "A treat?! I have definitely never had one before; please show me!" 7   8. "I deserve a bone for being so foxy!" 8   9. "Awww hell no, you did NOT just wave that in front of my nose!" 9   10. "I'm going to need that peanut butter now... like, right now." 10   11. "What's that in your hand... a HOT DOG?!" 11   12. This silly Husky has exhausted all options and will stay here until his treat desires are fulfilled. 12   13. "Hi Mom, look at my teeth, I can chew on those cookies with them."  13   14. A treat an hour keeps this goober in power. 14   15. "I know I'm normally droopy, but I'm giving you double droop for that bagel." 15

Featured image (top left) via Imgur

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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