Road Trip For Good: The 7 Greatest Things To Do With Your Dog In Maryland

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 13, 2016

This article is part of our Road Trip for Good series with the incredible humans behind the popular 2 Traveling Dogs! Each week they will share their adventure in a new state, and their pups, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake, will pick their favorite “Marked Territories.” Each state will highlight one special rescue organization that is doing fantastic work to help the dog community. For more detailed coverage, be sure to visit!

Maryland is often described as “America in Miniature,” and for good reason. This small state is a great place to take your dog to get a real feel for America. From the pristine, sandy beaches inhabited by wild horses to local wine with lots of personality, this is a vacation definitely road trip worthy. If you still haven’t found a travel partner, make your first stop at Baywater Animal Rescue in Cambridge, Maryland!

Brickle and Digby’s Paw-Picked Maryland Rescue: Baywater Animal Rescue


Baywater Animal Rescue is the Mid-Shore’s leading no-kill animal shelter in Maryland and they have been on their beautiful, country property since 1947! Yes, I said 1947! They offer wonderful pets for adoption and we were able to visit with the staff, volunteers and animals who welcomed us with hugs, balloons and local wine. Needless to say, we didn’t want to leave.


Every rescue or shelter that we visit on our Road Trip For Good has a special way of helping the animals in their community. Baywater Animal Rescue was proud to tell us about their food pantry. Their idea is that if they provide special resources to the struggling people in their community as a means to keep their pets, they will receive fewer owner surrenders and pets at their shelter. This sounds like a simple plan, but it is a very effective one. They offer pet food to those who want to keep their pets, but are struggling to make ends meet. With donations from local partners, they are able to provide healthy food and treats for both dogs and cats in Dorchester County.


As we were visiting, we met one of the shelter’s smiling residents, Copper. Copper’s tail never stopped wagging the entire time we were there and he made it his mission to make Brickle and Digby his new best friends.


Copper is a three year old terrier, labrador and possibly hound mix. He’s got that special hound howl! We even received a message and email from his former neighbor after our visit because she believed in how special Copper was. His all time favorite activity is running, running and running!  He would make someone a fantastic running and traveling companion to all the areas Maryland has to offer. He was raised on a farm and got along great with all of the animals. He picks up on tricks and commands quickly and is very food motivated. No problem, Copper. We are, too. He also likes to snuggle after a long run, and hopefully a day of sightseeing with you! He has also been known to “hold” your hand with his paws when petting him. A giant goofball, Copper is waiting patiently for you to come and “rescue” him at Baywater Animal Rescue.


We could not have imagined that the people and animals at this rescue would be so unique in their dedication, hearts and care for each other and the animals at their rescue. Rescues like Baywater Animal Rescue who operate on little to no funds, spend their lives helping the animals in their community! We thank them for everything they do, and also for setting an example for other shelters to follow. Learn how you can donate to this wonderful rescue at  See Copper and how we “hounded them”!

After you finalize your adoption with Copper, or one of the many of their other great dogs, take your new travel buddy to celebrate on a grand tour of Maryland of these 2 Traveling Dogs paw-picked places!

1. Take A Hike At Layton’s Chance Winery                                                    IMG_9535If your idea of fun is hiking on a trail through a vineyard and then sipping delicious wine with your dog lounging at your feet, then do not miss this unique winery in Vienna, Maryland. When we visited Layton’s Chance Winery, we were greeted not only by the winery dog Bo, but the winemaker as well. This winery is something that should be on your bucket list! The winery dog, Bo, even has a Bo-Berry Strawberry Wine named after him. This was a our favorite variety here, and not just because Bo’s picture is on the bottle! With a friendly staff that happily welcomes your dog to their outdoor area, you can’t miss this place! You will get the total winery experience and your dog will have a great time, too!

2Hop Aboard A Ferry With Your Dog To Unique Smith Island
IMG_2537There is only one way to get to this island in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay, and that is by boat. Smith Island is located about 12 miles off the shore of Crisfield, Maryland. Head to the Crisfield city dock and jump aboard one of the passenger ferries that operates here on a schedule. On this 45 minute ride, your dog will love the wind in his fur! Tell your dog that this island was first mapped by Captain John Smith in 1608! There are no more than about 200 year-round residents that live here, many speaking in the original dialect. Take time and walk through the entire island’s streets gazing at a simple way of living. Don’t forget to sample Maryland’s official state cake, the Smith Island Cake. Grab your dog a burger at Bayside Inn Carryout and Ice Cream and sit outside watching the boats that come and go. Not many people, or dogs can say they have been here – and they are missing out.

3. Kayak With Your Dog At Jane’s Island State Park                           IMG_9628On Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Jane’s Island State Park offers over 30 miles of water trails that you can kayak with your dog! This island is surprisingly wild and untouched. Kayak out to secluded beaches after picking up a trail map from the state park office. Pack a lunch and see why this area is a haven for birds, fish and crabs. After spending the day kayaking, pitch a tent at the state park’s campground where dogs are welcome in many areas of the park. Don’t forget your bug spray!

4. Catch A Jazz Festival Or Concert In Berlin, Maryland               IMG_9727Named America’s Coolest Small Town, and the location of movies like Runaway Bride, this is a small town that is worth lingering around in with your dog. From jazz and blues festivals, to concerts on the lawn and outdoor movies, pack a lunch, and after walking down the historic streets with your dog, sit and enjoy the artsy atmosphere around you while listening to great music!

5. Enjoy The Company Of Wild Horses                                             IMG_9737Assateague National Seashore is a dream come true for animal lovers. Located on Assateauge Island, this is Maryland’s only oceanfront state park. This is a visit that you will never forget. See wild horses casually walking down roadways and on the beach. Leashed dogs are allowed on the beach only among the Maryland portion of the Assateague National Seashore, but are not allowed on the nature trails or within the Virginia portion of this island. Remember not to get too close to these horses or feed them. You won’t find a beach like this anywhere else!

6. Take Time To Smell The Roses In Baltimore, Maryland                 12249624_10153293487017104_3256838814001958416_n-2If you love flowers and you love dogs, don’t miss a visit to the Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore. With over 207 acres that include walking trails, expansive gardens, pastures, and a greenhouse, this is a place you can escape to with your dog. Dogs are not allowed inside the buildings, but the flowers are the real draw to this place and you will want to stay outside! Grab a plant map and explore with your dog!

7. Drink Coffee And Wash Your Dog                                                          12977046_1053459644692394_3821480486513162398_oDoes your dog need a bath? Don’t even ask him and head straight to Mutt and Joe located in Severna Park, Maryland that caters to dog parents. They provide full service grooming services, or you can do it yourself, providing everything but the dog. If you have to wash your dog, you totally need some coffee to give you energy! With free wifi, fresh, local coffee and delicious food, this is THE place to wash your dog and fuel up too after a whirlwind tour through Maryland!

Be sure to check 2 Traveling Dog’s pupcoming schedule to see if Brickle and Digby will be in your neighborhood!

Next stop…Delaware!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 13, 2016

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