Road Trip For Good: The 7 Greatest Things To Do With Your Dog In Vermont

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

August 7, 2016

This article is part of our Road Trip for Good series with the incredible humans behind the popular 2 Traveling Dogs! Each week they will share their adventure in a new state, and their pups, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake, will pick their favorite “Marked Territories.”  Each state will highlight one special rescue organization that is doing fantastic work to help the dog community.  For more detailed coverage, be sure to visit!”


Vermont should be at the top of every dog parent’s list for fun traveling adventures with your dog. Nicknamed the “Green Mountain State,” Vermont offers travelers with two legs or four endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, wonderful food, local art and gorgeous scenery. Drop everything and first head to the Springfield Humane Society in Springfield, Vermont to adopt the perfect travel companion for your trip who has been waiting for you to arrive!

Brickle and Digby’s Paw-Picked Vermont Rescue:  Springfield Humane Society


It has been said that some of the world’s best maple syrup comes from Vermont. The animal rescuers we met at the Springfield Humane Society were just as sweet. A caring group of individuals helping the animals and people in their community greeted us as soon as we walked in the door. Somehow, every week, even though we are in a different state, when we visit a rescue or shelter, we always feel at home.

The Springfield Humane Society’s mission statement is a wonderful one. “The Springfield Humane Society is dedicated to improving the quality of life for animals by providing protection, compassionate care and adoption services for homeless animals. Through public education, we advocate for a humane community by promoting responsible pet ownership and prevention of cruelty to animals”.


This may seem like simple goals, but they work very hard to reach them. From posting on community Facebook pages about lost and found pets, to rescuing dogs from the southern states and their own area as well, they do it all. They told us many success stories regarding the way the community has pulled together to fund surgeries and extra care for animals needing extra attention. The community here also bands together to raise funds for their Springfield Humane Society by having festivals, art sales and other events. You will often see a can to donate change on many local businesses counters.


The community also helps by fostering animals, and many times, even the staff and board members of the Springfield Humane Society foster as well. At every rescue or shelter we have visited on our Road trip For Good, there is always an urgent need for fosters. Volunteers are also needed for daily tasks such as walking the dogs and visiting with the animals. We saw many volunteers of all ages visiting the shelter and going above and beyond to take part in this animal rescue effort. Many volunteers come weekly or even daily. Surely as sweet as maple syrup!


Anne Eddy, the director of the Springfield Humane Society told us about the very special way that they enrich the lives of the dogs in their care. Anne took the time to research the best color for the kennel environment (which is blue along combined with natural sunlight). She also implemented special, calming music to be played during certain hours in the kennel area along with aromatherapy. What is a dog’s strongest sense? Smell! Anne uses special essential oils which aid in keeping the dogs in their care content, which in turn makes them more adoptable. Every shelter or rescue that we visit does something exceptionally special, and this was certainly their special.


The cats here have a very special accommodations and we decided to film our latest episode of “Stop Hounding Me” there. They didn’t seem to mind the howling.

We felt very fortunate to have met the wonderful staff, volunteers and animals at the Springfield Humane Society in Vermont. They deserve recognition for all the special ways they help the animals in their care and in turn how this helps their community. Visit their Facebook page for happy beginning stories, lost and found animals, and ways you can help like donating essential oils for the shelter dogs, fostering and volunteering! See what wonderful animals they have for adoption, and possibly make a donation to animals needing extra medical care.

After you have adopted your new best friend, head out on a Brickle and Digby approved Vermont tour!

1. Enjoy Some Peace And Quiet

At Tree Farm Campground in Springfield, you can truly get to know Vermont. This family owned campground will welcome you and your dog with open arms. Enjoy the peaceful pine forest, endless hiking trails and a dog park. This is a great area to call home base as you explore the nearby attractions, micro breweries, orchards and ski resorts. Make sure to ask the owner about his brother’s awesome, Vermont beer.

2. Visit A Real, Working Sugarshack

Did someone say maple syrup and cheese tasting? Vermont did! In Woodstock at Sugarbush Farm, you can explore the grounds with your dog, see how maple syrup is made and visit with the farm animals. Persons can enjoy a maple syrup and cheese tasting inside. Make sure to pick up a few gallons for the road as this delight is healthy for both you and your dog!

3. Hike To Vermont’s “Little Grand Canyon”

Head to Quechee State Park with your dog along US Route 4 to take in the breathtaking views at Queechee Gorge. Formed by glacial activity approximately 13,000 years ago, pick one of the moderate trails to enjoy the best Vermont scenery offered. Pack plenty of water and of course snacks to enjoy these hikes with your leashed dogs and make sure to take a refreshing dip in the water at the bottom of the gorge.

4. Shop With Your Dog Down Memory Lane

At the Vermont Country Store, your dog is welcome to join you inside as you shop! As you see toys and candy from your childhood, along with Vermont cheeses and local goods, pick your dog up a few treats too! This is truly a step back in time and this store remains the same today as it did when it opened in 1946.

5. Get A Scoop With Your Dog

In Waterbury, all dog parents and ice cream lovers must stop at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop! Although dogs are not allowed inside, sitting outside enjoying the fresh Vermont air and super delicious ice cream. Afterwards, stroll through Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard to pay your respect to flavors that have passed away.

6. Take A Scenic Drive To Covered Bridges

Vermont has the greatest concentration of covered bridges in the nation. Get in your car, pack a picnic, and grab a map at any visitor center to the pick out your favorite covered bridge destinations. Pick a town and drive down Vermont’s scenic byways, roll down the windows and just enjoy! Many towns have frequent farmer’s markets, so if you need more picnic supplies, grab some of Vermont’s wonderful local goods.

7. Make Your Dog A Vermont Treat

It’s true. Vermont maple syrup is a delicacy all in itself. But when poured on pancakes? No words. Make your dog a Vermont treat he is sure to remember, Vermont Maple Syrup Pancakes. Maple syrup is a great sugar alternative for dogs, considered to be one of the world’s healthiest foods. In moderation, maple syrup contains fewer calories than honey and an even higher concentration of minerals. A little goes a long way!

Be sure to check 2 Traveling Dog’s pupcoming schedule to see if Brickle and Digby will be in your neighborhood!

Next stop…New York!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

August 7, 2016

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