Family Sets Out To Bathe 25,000 Dogs On Epic RV Road Trip

Major props to the Amos clan, for making homeless dog awareness a family affair! Their journey, Bathe to Save, starts in August and will be an 18-month tour across the United States to raise awareness for dog adoption.

Anthony, Rachel, Aria, Austin, and Bella
Anthony, Rachel, Aria, Austin, and Bella

The family plans to travel by RV to more than 300 cities in 50 states with their mobile grooming station, dubbed the Hydrodog. To boot, the grooming station is an adorable blue dog. Their ultimate goal is raise $1 million dollars and wash 25,000 dogs. All proceeds will be donated to shelters, and in return the shelters will hold monthly dog washing fundraisers.

dog bus

Anthony Amos started the Hydrodog with his brother and the business has since expanded to 200 franchises. Besides having a pup progressive business and striving to raise rescue awareness, the founder also feels that it will teach his children a valuable lesson. He says that ultimately, “It boils down to having the opportunity to show the kids the importance of giving back.”

dog bath

The learning experience will be priceless. The children will be tutored via the Australia School of Air. Daughter Aria adds: “This has been like my dream,” she said. “I think it’ll be fun, and I’m excited to save dogs and let them have fun.”

Let’s cheer on the Amos family! Good luck and thanks for taking part in adoption and rescue awareness!

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Featured image via Bath to Save. H/t and images via The Tampa Tribune

Stephanie Valente

7 years ago