Crying Dog Getting Pet For The First Time Reveals Struggle In One Romanian Shelter

Written by: Regina Lizik

January 2, 2016

When I first saw the video above, I sat, as many of you will be once you watch it, with my hand over my mouth and tears streaming down my face. The dog in the video makes a sound that I don’t know I would even call screaming. It’s a sound like none I’ve heard before. The dog isn’t making the sound because the human in the video is abusing him. The pup is wailing because he has no idea what kindness is. He thinks every human touch is a touch of harm.


romanian dog 1

Thanks to rescuers, this pup is now safe and living a normal life. This is amazing news. This is the kind of story we live for at BarkPost. We love happy endings.

Do you recognize him? 🙂

Posted by Monica Mitreanu on Thursday, November 19, 2015

But, this story isn’t just about the dog in this video. It’s about all of the dogs at this shelter located in Craiova, Romania. Craiova has been called ‘the capital of canine cruelty‘ due to the city’s treatment of the dogs at the city’s public shelter in Breasta county.

romanian dog 2

There are multiple claims (please be aware that there are graphic photos in that link) from local animal rights organizations that shelter workers regularly kill dozens of dogs in just one day. There are even claims that hundreds of dogs were euthanized in a two week period.

romanian dog 3

As unlikely as it seems, these animals do have hope. Rescuers like Monica Mitreanu, Dodu Barbu, Kerry Wollacott, and Heather Connolly are all fighting to save their lives and give all of these dogs the happy endings and forever families that they deserve.

romanian dog 5

They, along with others, regularly work to rescue dogs from the Breasta-Craiova shelter. They take other dogs to other shelters in Romania and sometimes to shelters in the UK. They also work to bring food to the dogs who remain at Breasta-Craiova.

romanian dog 6

As you can imagine, their work is emotionally exhausting and physically taxing. It’s also expensive. Like all rescuers, they rely on donations to continue saving lives. The group has set up a Facebook page where they share videos of the dogs currently in the shelter and there is another page to see former Breasta – Craiova dogs who are available for adoption.

To help them in their life-saving work, visit Food for the Dogs from Public Shelter Breasta-Craiova to learn how to make a donation. To help put an end to the current situation at the Breasta-Craiova shelter, you can sign this petition.

featured image via Monica Mitreanu/Facebook

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Written by: Regina Lizik

January 2, 2016

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