Rescuers Save Dog And Human From Rooftop As Floodwaters Engulf Their Home

By now, we’ve all heard of the terrible floods ravaging Missouri. People are fleeing their homes, not knowing what, if anything, they return to. The flood warnings aren’t just affecting Missouri. They are spread across 9 states, impacting 13 million people.

Tragically, not everyone is able to leave their home in time. Rescue crews are working tirelessly to save people trapped in their homes. One rescue was caught on camera. A man and his dog had been trapped on their roof for at least 12 hours in freezing temperatures.

Watch the rescue below:

The waters have yet to crest, which means that, eventually, this man’s house will likely be completely engulfed in water. Who knows how much longer he and his dog would have had before that happened. Without these amazing rescuers, they could have died.

The flood waters have knocked at least one home off of its foundation. You can see it floating by in the video below.

Chances are, this will not be the only rescue of its kind as these floods continue. Not everyone has the means to evacuate in this situations and, sometimes, floods can come before people have a chance to escape. We hope that every human and pet in Missouri stays as safe as possible and is able to evacuate their homes, if necessary.

h/t Fox 2 Now.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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