10 Artistic Dog MESSterpieces Misinterpreted By Humans As Disasters

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Puppies are the absolute CUTEST creatures on the planet. Occasionally they can be quite artistic but all of us humans just can’t see their genius. Here are a few of our favorite MESSterpieces by adorable little puppers with the explanations behind them.

1. “This is a radical reimagining of Van Gogh’s Starry Night that I like to call, Torn Up Couch.”
rd 3

2. “I Georgia O’Keefed the plant!”
rd 4

3. “Hey look! I’m in a Maxfield Parrish!”
rd 2

4. “Behold, maman, my homage to Degas’ nudes: Woman Bathing in a Shallow Tub. Treat s’il vous plaît?”
rd 5

5. “We PopArted the trash can.”
rd 20

6. “My palette is Rembrandt, my medium is couch.”
Catie Lelia via Facebook updated

7. “I’m a nude descending the staircase and I can’t get enough of Marcel Duchamp. Check out this pencil I just re-appropriated.”
rd 1

8. “I was going for a Seurat but I ran out of stuffing.” 
rd 7

9. “I’m inspired by the savagery of Willem De Kooning.”
rd 6

10. “Jackson Pollock is our hero.”
rd 9

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Feature image via @janecanephotography / Instagram

Melina Giakas

6 years ago