The Running Of The Chihuahuas Is Way Better Than The Running Of The Bulls

Cocina 214 in Winter Park Florida is an upscale Mexican restaurant with a heart. On Sunday May 1 they hosted their 4th annual Running of the Chihuahuas event to raise money for two local animal charities - Winter Park Lost Pets and A Cause for Paws. The event raised more than $2,000 and was attended by 104 Chihuahua competitors! However, none of them were a match for two-time champion Chloe, a black and white, streamlined little Chi with a need for speed. Congratulations to Chloe, and to Cocina 214 for helping pups in need with this pawsome event! Check out the action packed video of the day's festivities below! Cocina 214 | Running Of The Chihuahua 2016 from Filmscape Productions on Vimeo.

Featured Image via Cocina214

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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