UPDATE: Russia Gives France A Puppy To Honor Diesel, And He’s A Real Ladies’ Man

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 20, 2015

**Update January 15, 2016

Dobrynya, who is now in training and learning to detect explosives with the France national special forces, is getting along in his new home just fine.


Since he was gifted to the police force back in November, Dobrynya’s caretakers in Paris have nothing but good things to say about the puppy. He’s even found a girlfriend (a Malinois named Ali), and we couldn’t be more proud.

police training

The Russian Interior Ministry reported:

Dobrynya is feeling very well since arriving in France, co-existing with Ali without any problems. He is playful, friendly and helpful, and at the same time he is strong and has a good appetite.

No doubt about that! He’s a confident, growing boy who also happens to be quite the ladykiller.

We look forward to watching him grow up—he’s got some pretty big paws to fill, after all.

H/t, Featured Image via @mvd_official/Twitter

**Update December 7 2015**

Earlier today, Dobrynya took his first step in settling into his role as a police pawfficer. Russian officers presented the pup to French Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert at the French embassy in Moscow.

dobrynya 2

As you can tell, the pup was a tad sleepy. He eventually perked up and looked super excited about his new career!

dobrynya 3

Watch the video below to see Dobrynya be pawsitively pupdorable!

**Original Story**

Earlier this week, the Paris police department lost a beloved canine officer named Diesel to terrorism. The brave pup was killed in a hail of gunfire.

Diesel’s sacrifice captured hearts across the world, with people tweeting the hashtag ##JeSuisDiesel (I am Diesel) to honor the dog’s sacrifice.


Russia, a nation that lost hundreds of citizens when terrorists brought down an airplane earlier this month, chose a beautiful way to pay tribute to Diesel and the police officers who have worked tirelessly to find the terrorists who committed the recent attacks in Paris. Russia gifted France with a puppy, named Dobrynya.

Russian ministry spokeswoman Elena Alekseyeva posted a photo of Dobrynya on Instagram:

The caption reads:

This puppy is a working dog name Dobrynia. He was named in honor of the Russian epic hero Dobrynya, which is the embodiment of strength, goodness, valor and selfless assistance. The puppy will be given to France in solidarity with the French people and the police in the fight against terrorism.

Part of Dobrynya’s heroic story is that he defended Russia against foreign invaders. Thus, this pup’s name is indeed an appropriate tribute to Diesel, who died doing just that.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

November 20, 2015

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