Ryan Gosling Swooped In To Save A Dog From Oncoming Traffic… While On A Date

Romeo himself Mr. Ryan Gosling inches ever-closer to human perfection following a daring highway rescue. Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little. Gosling saved a little pup who wandered into the middle of a busy street, though it was pretty heroic. [bp_related_article] ryan saves dog in street This was just part one to a probably-fantastic birthday celebration with girlfriend Eva Mendes. When, according to Entertainment Tonight, the star nearly hit the dog, he stopped his car and carried him to safety. Our hero gently returned the pup to his owner and continued on his way. All is well again in Palm Springs! 1280_ryan_gosling_dog_rescue_3_et_bugged You can almost see the hero explosions expanding behind him as he walks in slow-motion from the scene. 1280_ryan_gosling_dog_rescue_1_et_bugged Thanks for being the good guy, Ryan! Things could have turned out much worse.
h/t Mashable, featured image via Wikimedia Commons + Entertainment Tonight

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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