What It’s Like to Go on “Shark Tank” If You’re a Dog

Hi, I’m Sadie. pridebites3 I’m 7 years old and live in Los Angeles with my human dad, Sean. Sean and his friends own PrideBites. They make customized toys, beds, and other pawesome stuff like placemats for me and my fuzzybutt pals. Untitled Anyway, Sean and his best friend Steven were recently invited to appear on an episode of Shark Tank! And since Sean stopped taking me to the puppy prison when he travels out of town after I turned his shoes into my own PrideBites, I went along for the adventure! prideshark I’m usually the one waking him up so I found it odd when Sean woke me up while it was still dark outside. I don’t sleep well in strange places so the trip started out a little ruff. But my human was with me this time and seemed really excited to be there, which made the strange noises and smells a bit easier to take. pridebites2 We met up with Steven and he looked really excited. “Ready for the Shark Tank?” I acted excited too but I have to admit that I was a little nervous. pridebites5 Not that I’m a trembling Chihuahua or anything…but the way Sean and Steven had been talking about these Sharks for the last few weeks made them seem a little scary. pridebites10 Next came one of my favorite parts of the whole trip: a ride in a limo! Car rides are cool, but this wasn't your regular ride to the dog park. The limo driver said “Welcome to Sony Studios,” and Sean and Steven looked like they’d seen the world’s biggest fire hydrant! We walked into a huge building and instead of a giant pool filled with angry sharks, there were a bunch of humans standing around with cameras and other equipment. Phewwww. pridebites9 We ran into some guy who I always see yelling on the TV during basketball games. Sean and Steven looked a bit star struck. But not me. I could smell right away that he was more of a cat guy. pridebites07 We went to our dressing room and people put makeup on Steven and Sean. I was a little embarrassed for them. Then a woman came in and said, “Let’s go, it’s time.” Don’t tell them I said this, but I did catch a whiff of fear. pridebites6 The guys began saying their lines but Sean forgot his. Steven did too. He wasn’t sure if he should say “asking” or “seeking.” Oh and a camera had already started filming us! pridebites8 All in all it went really well! The Cat Guy said we were really smart, and a nice woman named Lori and a dog-friendly guy named Robert offered to give us money to help bring PrideBites to more puppy pals around the world! Untitled So what’s next for me? Well, I have to admit that I really enjoyed the limelight. I’m thinking of giving acting a try. There hasn’t been a good Dog-Rom in a while and after my foray into national television, I think I’ve got what it takes to be the next Scarlett Puphansson. My mom won this Emmy but I think I have an Oscar in my future. pridebites1
Featured image via @DigitalLA

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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