10 Things To Know About Sam, The Super Pit Bull Who’s Won Our Hearts

Written by: Will Storie

December 2, 2015

The internet has been swooning for Sam, this wonderful Pit Bull, and as you can see for yourself: he really is a catch!

dog B

Last year, Sam was a stray dog—found hungry, sad, and severely anxious. Now, after a year of attention and care from the Reedsport K9 Shelter in Oregon, he’s looking for a home and ready to say hello to the world. And we’d like to say hello back!


Here are 10 things about Sam that have us falling head over paws:

1. SuperDog might not fly (as far as we know…) but he loves his daily walk. He’s happy on the leash and responsible off leash—he never runs off or chases prey.

dog D

2. Sam is a total sweetheart. He loves people, loves to cuddle, and loves to please. He’s not afraid of strangers—he makes friends faster than a speeding bullet.

3. Sam is ten years old, but he’s as healthy and vibrant and cheerful as a dog half his age. One look and you can tell he’s as cool as a cucumber.

dog E

4. Sam gets along well with dogs—even little guys!—but he loves his space and would be happiest as the only dog of the house.

dog G

5. You don’t become a SuperDog without knowing your share of tricks! Sam can high-five, stand on his hind legs, catch treats in the air, respond to all the basic commands, and more! He’s a fast learner and eager to please.

dog H

6. There’s no hiding it–Sam’s a sweet, gentle, loyal soul. He’s not aggressive about his food, and he’s not destructive around the house.

dog A

7. Sam needs a low key home. He’s not easily scared, but he is easily overwhelmed. If there are kids in the house, they have to be old enough to be peaceful and responsible. Sam needs a good place to chill out and listen to his jams!

dog F

8. We’re not playing around—make sure you don’t have toys in the house! Sam gets obsessive with his toys, and his anxiety goes up. The shelter thinks it may have been a coping mechanism during his hard years.

dog J

9. Sam is looking for an experienced dog owner to take him home. If you’re new to dog ownership, you should be excited and interested in learning about dog training.

dog I

10. And in case you haven’t figured out by now—he loves to flash his smile.

dog C

If you want to adopt or sponsor Sam, or learn more about this wonderful dog, check out his listing on Petfinder. He’d be delighted to meet you!

dog M

H/t Bored Panda

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Written by: Will Storie

December 2, 2015

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