Meet Sasha, Lily, And Logan: The Fluffernuts Behind The Husky Trio Chronicles

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 1, 2016

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If you’ve seen any a-derp-able pictures of Husky sisters on the ‘net lately, chances are it’s either Sasha, Lily, and Logan–the Australian trio of blue-eyed fluffernuts that are taking the internet by storm with their dingus tendencies.


Their hooman and full-time photograper, Tracy, tells BarkPost she’s always loved Huskies, but didn’t have one until she rescued Sasha back in 2011, who was set to be euthanized within 48 hours by a kill shelter.

“I went to see her immediately,” she said, “and when I walked in and heard her singing…howling from the cage. I knew I wasn’t leaving without her.”

In typical older sister fashion, Sasha usually looks unamused by her siblings’ shenanigans.


…while the other two seem to shoot the poo on the reg.

Lily is actually one of Sasha’s puppies, which Tracy kept from Sasha’s first litter in 2014. She explains, “We added Logan to the pack last year.”

The three, who live with Tracy in Perth, Australia, have quickly been sweeping the internet and Instagram with their dapper looks… and typical sibling rapport.“The Instagram account started off as my own personal page, posting the usual selfie and what I ate today pics. But the girls always gained more interest so they slowly took over,” Tracy explains.

“But the account didn’t really gain its massive following until Logan joined our family. People instantly fell in love with him and really enjoyed seeing him grow up with Sasha, Lily and Lily’s siblings, who we kept in touch and have regular playdates with.”


The trio are raised as family, but Tracy insists they are much like human fur children and have very different personalities.

“Sasha LOVES to sing,” she explains. “[Her] ‘howl’ is melodic and perfectly in tune. She’s the Mariah Carey of Huskies.”

But while Miss Sasha might have impeccable talent, she doesn’t have the confidence that goes along with it. Sasha is the most camera shy of the three, making it difficult to get a photo of all of them together. “Getting her to look into the lens is so difficult.”


Gushing more about the pups, Tracy explains, “Lily (pictured below) is your classic middle child, full of rebellion and a relentless need for attention. When Lily is looking at you, she’s really figuring you out: how far she can push you, your weaknesses, and how she can get her way. If you don’t give her what she wants, she will literally get up in your face- and your lap- until you give in.”


Lily’s also the pup that famously got super protective over her dad; a video that’s gone viral online for quite some time.

She adds: “Logan is the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever known. While Lily demands that you shower her with constant affection, all Logan wants to do is give affection. If he wants to kiss you, there’s pretty much nothing you can do to stop it.”


Understandably, we’ve completely fallen in love with this dingus trio here at BarkPost. To keep up with Sasha, Lily, Logan, and the Husky Trio Chronicles, give them a follow on Instagram!


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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 1, 2016

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