Sassy Siberian Husky Pup Weighs In On Team USA Olympians

The Siberian Husky who posed with a few U.S. Olympians is one of the sassiest pups we've seen! We just had to know what was going on between those fuzzy ears, so we asked this cutie what he thinks of Team USA:

1. Ashley Wagner (Figure Skating)

"Blah, blah, triple axel, blah. You should see the crowd go wild when I slide across the ice on mah tum!" AshleyWagner

2. Nick Goepper (Skiing)

"Are you kidding wiv dis guy? Skiing?! Looks like he's never seen a cold day in his life - no fur AT ALL!" nickgoepper  

3. Kerry Herman (Skiing)

"Her face tastes like a WINNER! I see dat golden collar in her future." kerryherman  

4. Steve Holcomb (Bobsled)

"Dis guy won't lemme taste his face. I dunno if he wants it bad enough." steveholcomb  

5.  Lindsey Jacobellis (Snowboarding)

"One of us farted. Guess who."

Lindsey Jacobellis


6. Katie Uhlaender (Skeleton)

"I'm sorry, but there is just NO way she is better at Skeleton than me. Imma expert in anything dat has to do wiv bones." Katieuhalender  

7. Justin Reiter (Snowboarding)

"Don't tell him, but I'm gonna make all his snow yellow... if ya know what I mean!" justin reiter  

8. Hannah Kearney (Skiing)

"Well, she snuggles real good. Snuggliest so far, dats a plus!" Hannah Kearner  

9. Ted Ligety (Skiing)

"Guess what, mamz... He said I could chew on the big sticks after he's done falling down the hill wiv them!" ted  

10. Hannah Teter (Snowboarding)

"I take it back! Dis Hannah is more snuggly than the other one. She'll win da Snuggle gold for sure!" hannah2  

11. David Wise (Skiing)

"We are BBFs. Best Bros Forevah!" david wise  

12. Kaitlyn Farrington (Snowboarding)

"Ermahgerd, I'm in ruv wiv her! And I feelz like I'm gonna throw up.... is dis normal????" kaitlin  

13. Bobby Brown (Skiing)

"No." bobby  

14. Chas Guldemond (Snowboarding)

"I ... I ... Look at his handsome hooman face. I feels so safe in da presence of those dimples." Chas  

15. Nate Holland (Snowboarding)

"Dis is his third Olympics? Makes me schweepy just thinkin' about it!" Nate   Source for Images  

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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