11 Things Only Schnauzer Pup Parents Understand

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 20, 2015

Known for their incredibly sweet beards and old man looks, Schnauzers are definitely the fun police of dogdom. Whether it’s barking at kids, passing cyclists or skateboarders, the Schnauzer crew will always warn you of any suspicious activity — even if it’s not so suspicious.

Here’s the list of 11 things only Schnauzer pup parents understand:

1. You’re proud to say your pup has both beauty and brains.

ConanChang - 1

2. Keeping the Schnauzer beard clean is an impressive feat and you consider it a huge accomplishment when it’s been achieved.


3. You feel incredibly safe knowing nothing passes the Schnauzer patrol.

SchnauzerStanley - 1

4. Barking is a daily occurrence in your life.

5. From a very young age, all Schnauzies have mastered the “this is my land” pose!

chloeangelnyc - 1

6. Your pup will always win the best beard contest if there ever was one.

myminimurphy - 1

7. We’re proud to gloat that our dog never sheds!

lifewithzeca - 1

8. No other dog can pull off the dapper and gentlemen look quite like ours.

PeterTheSchnauz - 1

9. Schnauzies are always the centre of attention and being ignored is never an option.

LilDogBigCity - 1

10. They study your every move, and are always ready to learn more. #QuickLearner


11. All barking aside, you can always trust your Schnauzer to have your back!

RemixTheDog - 2

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 20, 2015