Man Photo Documents All The Things His Dogs Bring Home And It’s Hilarious

This is the story of four country pups named Pam, Claire, Douglas, and Josie. stuff dog brings home
They live outside of Lexington, Kentucky running wild and free in that state of Bluegrass, mint juleps, fried chicken, and bourbon. Pam, Claire, Douglas, and Josie are the kind of pups that like to hunt for doggo treasure.  Their dad documents all of the things that they bring home-- these are a few of his entries. stuff dog brings home
Nov. 19, 2010 - Today's find: Chewed-up Mello-Yello bottle, Glass Mason Jar and a work boot of some kind. stuff dog brings home Nov. 20, 2010 - Today's find: V-neck t-shirt, Michelob beer bottle, piece of carpet and a plastic bottle. stuff dog brings home Nov. 21, 2010 - Today's find: Decorative pillow, a work glove, practice golf ball and a gray sock. Side note - pillow was destroyed and batting exploded in backyard. stuff dog brings home Nov. 24, 2010 - Today's find: half eaten metal can. Slim pickins' today. stuff dog brings home
Dec. 7, 2010 - Today's find: Not entirely sure. Some plastic jug. The label was consumed. stuff dog brings home
Dec. 9, 2010 - Today's find: Bud stuff dog brings home Dec. 18, 2010 - Today's find: Winter boot (singular). Somewhere there's a guy who swore he had two boots there last night. dec182010 Dec. 22, 2010 - Today's find: one slightly chewed glove, one slightly chewed dog food bowl (not ours). dec222010 Dec. 23, 2010 - Today's find: a plastic holiday jug. dec232010 Dec. 24, 2010 - Today's find: This one gets the WTF award. I truly have no idea. dec242010 Dec 28, 2010 - Today's find: the other work boot and some laundry detergent. They're nothing if not thorough. stuff dog brings home Dec 31, 2010 - Today's find: Tha Mutha Load. This looks more like a crime scene from Dexter. 1 wooden block, heavy. 1 2liter bottle slightly chewed. 1 chewed on bottle of moisturizer. 1 gallon jug. 1 plastic blue ring. 1 plastic chewed 'thing'. 1 Car washing mit and some kind of fabric... hopefully not still attached to a person when extracted. stuff dog brings home Jan. 18, 2011 - Today's find: one partial wooden crate, one less-than-lively mole, one half-eaten tomato, one metal bowl, a reddish ball, one large metal pot with accompanying bullet hole, and one partially noshed on rubber hose. A rewarding night it seems. stuff dog brings home Jan. 29, 2011 - Today's find: purple knit glove, part of a gray glove, one stuffed spotted dog, metal can and a chewed on plunger. stuff dog brings home Jan. 30, 2011 - Today's find: one NCAA deflated rubber basketball, one blue basketball, NERF dart, plastic cup and half eaten work boot insole. Have a funny feeling one mans trash is becoming this mans trash. stuff dog brings home Feb. 12, 2011 - Today's find: one slightly mauled leather belt sans buckle, one shredded phonebook, plastic soda bottle, and the bottom half pant leg to a jogging suit. Fragments of runner undiscovered. stuff dog brings home Feb. 13, 2011 - Today's find: (another) work boot, a 5-pt deer antler, and the rest of yesterday's jogging pants... Still no jogger sighted. stuff dog brings home Mar. 17, 2011 - Today's find: one Chewdasarus toy, one toy garden tool, one bottom to a larger pot and part of a Dewalt work glove. Modest pickings today. stuff dog brings home Mar. 26, 2011- Today's find: a brown fitted sheet, one shoe, and a dog toy bone. Not ours because we don't see the need to purchase chew toys for them. Call me crazy. stuff dog brings home Oct. 16, 2011- After a slight hiatus the dogs are back at it. Today's find: a partially mangled shoe; a mason jar with dirt clump; a studded toy and we'll just leave it at that; and one metal dog bowl... Not theirs. stuff dog brings home Apr. 11, 2012- Big Stuffed Fish - I don't even know where to begin with this one. stuff dog brings home Jan. 2, 2013- stuff dog brings home Find the pups on Facebook or follow their papz on Twitter. :)

Hope Bobbitt

9 years ago

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