UPDATE: This Canned Dog Food Has Just Been Withdrawn From Shelves

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

November 30, 2015


While there was originally no information given by Science Diet or PetSmart for the voluntary withdrawal of several of their canned dog foods, we have now learned that the withdrawal was due to a labeling issue. As we previously stated, the FDA considers withdrawals to be minor issues.

**Original Post**

Science Diet has issued a voluntary withdrawal for several of their canned dog foods. Currently, no reason has been given.

PetSmart was the first to alert pup parents to the issue by placing signs in their stores.

petsmart science diet sign

The products affected are:

– Science Diet Dog Adult Beef Entrée

Can size: 13 oz.
SKU: 5117274
UPC: 5274270390

– Science Diet Dog Mature Beef Entrée

Can size: 13 oz.
SKU: 5117275
UPC: 5274270560

– Science Diet Dog Adult Beef & Chicken Entrée

Can size: 13 oz.
SKU: 5117273
UPC: 5274270400

– Science Diet Dog Adult Perfect Weight

Can size: 12.8 oz.
SKU: 5210092
UPC: 5274229750

– Science Diet Dog Small & Toy Adult Beef Entrée

Can size: 5.8 oz.
SKU: 5092280
UPC: 5274249660

– Science Diet Dog Small & Toy Mature Beef Entrée

Can size: 5.8 oz
SKU: 5092282
UPC: 5274249680

– Ideal Balance Slim & Healthy Chicken

Can Size: 12.8 oz.
SKU: 5210280
UPC: 5274230770

The withdrawal affects all sell by dates.

The FDA defines a voluntary withdrawal as:

A product that has a minor violation that would not be subject to FDA legal action. The firm removes the product from the market or corrects the violation. For example, a product removed from the market due to tampering, without evidence of manufacturing or distribution problems.

Voluntary withdrawals do not indicate any sort of health risk to your pup. But, if you have questions or concerns regarding this, contact Hill’s Science Diet at 800-445-5777 from 8 am to 5 pm CST, Monday through Friday.

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Reviewed by Regina Lizik

November 30, 2015