Meet Scout, The Adorable Rottweiler Pup Who Was A Bear In A Previous Life

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 4, 2016

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This is Scout. She’s a perfectly perfect Rottweiler angel that, as a puppy, really loved sunbaths.


She has a super cool, albeit lazy big sister named Olive. She learns so much about life from her elders.


As Scout grew up, it became more and more apparent to her hooman protectors that she was kind of just a teenie tiny baby bear in disguise.


Just look at the way she sips down water like a wild bear cub.


Or that precious little face when she’s faced with the reality of impending bath time?


And what about those adventures out in the wild? Has a rottie ever looked more at home in this baby bear-like habitat?



Seriously though. It’s like she’s about to go into bear-like hibernation for the winter.


I mean, who needs an evil bear skin rug by the fire when you can have a real, totally alive, bear-like Scout to pose with on a winter day?


And with those perfect chompers, you know Scout could live a beautiful life out in the wild if she had to. (She’ll never have to though with a mug like this!)


Truth be told, Scout does get into trouble on occasion. She is a wild bear after all, and wood shoes are just so darn enticing.


She feels really bad about it afterwards, though. She promises that one day she’ll totally acclimate to life in the big city away from her bear cave.


For more photos of Scout and Olive her English Bulldog sister, follow their top-notch human protectors @davidam and @mireyah!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 4, 2016