Meet Scout, The Adorable Rottweiler Pup Who Was A Bear In A Previous Life

Take a #PuppyBreak. Come on, you deserve it. A new puppy featured every Wednesday! This is Scout. She's a perfectly perfect Rottweiler angel that, as a puppy, really loved sunbaths. 10413975_882479285111866_1738811385_n She has a super cool, albeit lazy big sister named Olive. She learns so much about life from her elders. 10299766_1435422510042501_1287487541_n As Scout grew up, it became more and more apparent to her hooman protectors that she was kind of just a teenie tiny baby bear in disguise. 10523500_680825145304949_995955963_n Just look at the way she sips down water like a wild bear cub. 10598538_690336034348616_499541428_n Or that precious little face when she's faced with the reality of impending bath time? 10616954_1456904971250089_1006719743_n And what about those adventures out in the wild? Has a rottie ever looked more at home in this baby bear-like habitat? 10665594_733216873382717_73962548_n [bp_related_article] Seriously though. It's like she's about to go into bear-like hibernation for the winter. 10683893_947783801904799_631220161_n I mean, who needs an evil bear skin rug by the fire when you can have a real, totally alive, bear-like Scout to pose with on a winter day? 10860207_1028183433863724_260679955_n And with those perfect chompers, you know Scout could live a beautiful life out in the wild if she had to. (She'll never have to though with a mug like this!) 11049384_814517058638772_2013127698_n Truth be told, Scout does get into trouble on occasion. She is a wild bear after all, and wood shoes are just so darn enticing. 11373952_664962710271609_767244616_n She feels really bad about it afterwards, though. She promises that one day she'll totally acclimate to life in the big city away from her bear cave. 11875466_1478918862411844_2107477969_n For more photos of Scout and Olive her English Bulldog sister, follow their top-notch human protectors @davidam and @mireyah!

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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