Vets Make Handy Chart On How To Tell If Your Pup Has Allergies

Note: If you think your pup has allergies, make sure to take them to the Vet for a pawfficial diagnosis and treatment!

It’s spring, which is pretty much the awesomest. After suffering through a winter of my Shiba hating snow so much that he refused to poop, I’m really grateful to be back to regular poop.

But, now begins the struggle of the endless watering eyes and midnight munching and lick of itchy frito feets. Then there’s the reverse sneezing, you know, that thing that makes every new pup parent wonder what the hell is happening to their dog.


Whether you’re a new pawrent or have a huge pack, you may not know all of the signs of pet allergies. You also may not know all of the things that can cause your dog to itch and scratch.

The pawsome people at Chastain Vets created this infographic to help you identify and conquer the most common triggers.

recognizing canine allergies

Now you know the signs but when is it time to faint and panic… er, I mean, calmly take your dog to the veterinarian for some advice? Here’s some info on that as well:

when to take your dog to the vet for allergies

Now go forth! Sniff some flowers and enjoy the sunshine!

corgi in flowers

Featured Image via @JessicaaTrinhh

Regina Lizik

7 years ago