This Girl’s Adventures Fulfill All Your Wildest Adventure Daydreams

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 24, 2015

Claire Cudahy lives in Red Lake, a town in Northwest Ontario, with her boyfriend, Charlie, and their dog, Daisy. They rescued Daisy, who was found with her litter of puppies under a bridge, when she was about a year old. For Claire, all it took to fall in love with Daisy was one glance at her photo (and her adorable face and expressive eyebrows). On the same day she stumbled across her photo, Claire drove two hours to meet her.



Ever since then, they have embarked on adventure after adventure. From their first day, Daisy has loyally followed Claire, serving as her “furry shadow.”

“Since I adopted Daisy, we’ve summited mountains together, camped everywhere from the rugged cliffs of Big Sur to Crater Lake in Oregon, flown across the country, snowshoed across frozen lakes in -40 degree weather, trekked through the red arches of Utah, climbed giant rock piles in Joshua Tree and boated all over Lake Tahoe. We’re always on the lookout for the next adventure.”


Claire created the blog Seek + Scout about a year and a half ago as a motivator to write more regularly and to share adventures. Her blog is also home to breathtaking photos, many that feature Daisy. Claire believes the best photographs of animals are candid. She explains, “If you capture photos of your dog doing what it loves like running, playing, hiking or swimming, you will get the best results.”


Daisy, like her parents, is fond of adventure and moving around. They lived in a cabin on Lake Tahoe and then took a 35-hour road trip to move to their new home in Red Lake. The journey was split up with scenic pit stops like Arches National Park and Mount Rushmore. Claire says, “Daisy handles the moving around like a champ. She loves exploring new places as much as I do, so as long as she’s with us, she is happy.”


seekscout 11

They have been in Red Lake since last summer. The town is in Northwest Ontario and has a population of 4,000. Claire describes it as “five hours into the middle of nowhere.” While the town might not have a shopping mall or a lively night scene, the outdoors offer endless adventures. The town is surrounded by hundreds of lakes and rivers and their backyard opens up to the forest with miles upon miles of trails.


Claire works as a reporter at the local newspaper and is lucky enough to be able to bring Daisy to work with her. Claire quickly discovered that Red Lake is a community of dog-loving people. Locals even stop by the office to say ‘hi’ to Daisy.


While picking a favorite adventure might seem like an impossible task, Claire was able to pick a top spot: “My favorite adventure so far is definitely our week-long road trip through Oregon with the highlight being camping at Crater Lake. Talk about a humbling view. Tamolitch/Blue Pool on the McKenzie River is another must see in Oregon. It’s like swimming in Gatorade.”



As she has worked on her blog and explored with Daisy, Claire has discovered what being a dog person means to her. She explains, “Being a dog person means you enjoy the simple things in life: good food, the company of the ones you love and nature. I am happiest when I am out in the woods with Daisy. Dogs teach us to live in the moment — something I think we humans often forget in our fast-paced lives.”


Be sure to check out Seek + Scout and follow this adventurous trio @clairecudahy!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 24, 2015

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