21 Dogs Who Need To Work On Their Selfie Skills

Written by: Nicole Zalat

March 3, 2015

It’s 2015, and the selfie has become an art form. Whether you think they’re an acceptable way of documenting your life or not, selfies are here to stay.

And now they’ve gone to the dogs.


Like humans, some dogs take absolutely horrid selfies. Here are some useful tips on how to step up your selfie game, illustrated by dogs who learned the hard way.

1. Practice your smize. Otherwise you’ll come out looking like you’re about to sneeze.


2. No, bae did NOT catch you slippin’.


3. Avoid the dreaded double-chin by not taking selfies while lying on your back.


4. Always look into the camera, not the phone screen.


5. Relax your facial muscles so it doesn’t look like you have to poop. Unless you actually do have to poop, in which case it’s ok. (Different strokes?)


6. If you’re pretending to take a selfie to clandestinely creep on the cutie at the park, just know your camera might focus on your big head instead.


7. There’s a fine line between excited and insane. Step back and reevaluate every selfie before pressing that share button.


8. Real tough guys don’t take selfies. Stop fooling yourself.


9. Keep your paw off the shutter button until you’re ready, because sometimes candid shots are depressing and you don’t need the confirmation that you are, indeed, a mouth-breather.


10. Trying new angles is part of the fun, but only if you can keep a steady paw.


11. Selfie sticks were invented for a reason.


12. Don’t be that friend who uploads a selfie and tags a friend because you look hot and they don’t. Friends don’t tag friends in bad selfies.


13. Bathroom selfies are a bad idea, mostly because there’s a chance you might drop your phone in the toilet, but not before accidentally hitting the shutter button and taking one last selfie before tragedy strikes. And then it gets uploaded automatically and no one needs that kind of problem in their life.


14. Keep your paws out of the shot. The focus should be on your derpface, not your blurry thumb.


15. Be aware of your surroundings. Photobombs are still a real problem in 2015. Don’t be a statistic.

selfie photobomb

16. Taking a selfie in public involves a certain level of idgaf attitude that many do not possess. Be prepared to deal with stares so you don’t punk out at the last minute and end up with a shaky photo because someone happened to look over at you as you tried to get the best lighting.


17. Post-dinner selfies always come out derpy. Do with this information what you will.


18. Lighting is everything.


19. Selfies should be voluntary. Holding friends hostage for the purpose of fulfilling your selfie addiction will make your friends hate you. And it’ll show in your pics.


20. Again. Selfie sticks. Put one on your Christmas list.


21. Don’t make this your profile pic.


Featured image via reddit

Written by: Nicole Zalat

March 3, 2015