“No One Had Time” For This Senior Collie, So His Humans Left Him At A Shelter

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 24, 2015

The excuses sometimes conjured by people surrendering their pets, their family, are nothing short of staggering. Worst of all, there is no way for the animals to know why they’ve been abandoned. They simply don’t understand.

jake side view

Though Victoria Carmean, Executive Director of the Humane Society serving Crawford County, Ohio, acknowledged that “there would be times [her] faith and patience would be tested,” she could never have expected a case quite so heartbreaking. In a post on the shelter’s Facebook page, she explains that a 16-year-old Collie named Jake was dropped off because no one in his family had time for him anymore.

She writes:

After 16 years of being a loyal companion, guardian of children, confidant and protector he was discarded. We gave him the quietest kennel we could find as he looked around in fear and confusion. He didn’t question or fight… he followed me with trust and dignity and the wisdom that comes with old dogs.

Poor Jake must have realized on some level that something very, very wrong had occurred; he may not have realized, however, that he’d never see his family again. The folks at the Humane Society knew this sweet, old boy did not belong there, and they began to call local rescues who might be able to provide a safe haven.

jake collie

Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio responded in just a few hours with a couple of ladies more than happy to collect Jake. The looks on their faces are better than words, and as they wrapped their arms around this shaggy old pup, it almost seemed as though he was smiling.

jake rescue

It’s a shame that a group of volunteers and workers who deal with more than most of us could handle on a daily basis receive so much negativity. “There isn’t one of us here who hasn’t cried over ones lost,” Carmean writes. “We are accused daily of being cruel and heartless because we are forced to make hard decisions due to the irresponsibility of people.”


She goes on to describe the average person’s mindset when they speak to her: the only question that matters is how long a dog will stay before he or she is put down. Carmean shocks even the toughest of us when she recalls how some people dump their dogs when it’s time to put them down because they “can’t do that to them” and assume that “since [shelter workers] do it all the time it would be easier.”

jake at almost home rescue

The truth is that the amazing people who work in these environments do it because they love the job, and because they have thick skins and hearts of gold. Jake is now a member of the Senior to Senior program at his new rescue, where he will live out his days with other senior dogs in a comfortable, quiet place if no one offers to become a permanent foster.

The Crawford County Humane Society knows and values any difference they can make in an animal’s life. They recently posted the following message on Facebook:

We sincerely thank everyone for the conversation that has been generated by our post regarding the Collie. Good or bad,…

Posted by Humane Society Serving Crawford County on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We hope that Jake enjoys the rest of his golden years in peace, knowing that he has touched many hearts and got people thinking along the way. If you would like to donate or sponsor a dog like Jake, please visit the Almost Home Dog Rescue’s donation page.

H/t Humane Society Serving Crawford County

Featured image via Humane Society Serving Crawford County

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 24, 2015

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