15 Ways An Old Dog Brings New Joy To Your Life

Written by: Stephanie Valente

July 14, 2015

Older dogs need love and they can transform lives in ways that we can’t imagine. Senior dogs are one in a million. They give a special kind of love to their owners. By opening yourself up to a senior dog, your life will take on new possibilities.

1. You’ll be more compassionate.

Senior dogs have endless love and teach you how to be kinder and empathetic to others.

pitbull in a pink tie

2. Have more hope.

They never give up. After all, you found them and gave them a new life and there is always a turning point in your life, too.

senior dog with red heart

3. Gain wisdom.

Yes, they’re older but they’re also wiser. As you age and experience, you gain perspective on life scenarios. Learn from your dog!

black and white photo dog on chair

4. Be comfortable being you.

Senior dogs aren’t anyone else but themselves. Go ahead and express yourself.

white dog in pool with goggles

5. Enjoy the little things.

Many senior dogs are accustomed to homes and know daily family life routines. Take pleasure in the little parts of life so it adds to the big picture.

shiba smelling flowers

6. Be grateful.

They’re thankful that they found love and a forever home. Reflect on what you have gratitude for because it will make your life richer and full of joy.

happy dog

7. Embrace the struggles.

Life just as much about happiness as much as it’s about hardships and uncertainty. Just as these pups didn’t shy away from challenges or hard times, neither should you.

mickey plaid coat

8. Know the importance of relaxation.

Senior dogs aren’t unpredictable in personality or gobs of energy to burn. Since shelter life can be stressful, the pups are grateful for some down time snuggling with you. In your own life, it’s vital to have time to relax and take the edge off. So why not do that with an awesome senior pup?

happy spaniel pup

9. Tune into the kindness of others.

Seniors are aware of your kindness and finding a warm welcome in your home. Now that you’re more focused on gratitude and kindness, you can see it in others. Perhaps, even inspire someone to paw-it-forward!

cute senior

10. Roll with life’s ups and downs.

Many senior dogs have been through ups and downs, and even surrendered to shelters through no fault of their own. Many of us can be thrust into life events, and it’s all how we cope and come out on the other side of the journey.

relaxing pug

11. Learn how to trust again.

We’ve all been burned. Whether it’s a person, a series of events, or depression — there’s something that’s hurt our trust. Senior dogs learned how to trust again and so can you after rising above.

senior chi cutie

12. See the big picture.

The power of perspective is what carries us through life’s trials and tribulations. By being able to reflect, we can grow stronger and more compassionate. These senior pups learned from life and put their perspectives into daily practice.


13. Find serenity.

Many senior pups are calm and have a sense of peace. The puppy phase is over — thank goodness! — and they have time and energy to focus on what centers them. Such as, a forever family.

sakura love

14. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

We all go through phases in youth: focusing on the little itty bitty details and stressing out. Take a cue from a senior and put the nagging nitty gritty things aside. It’s only weighing you down. After all, if your pup realizes maybe it’s not a good idea to bark at the Beagle next door, you can ignore a trivial snag, too.


15. Love yourself every day.

Seniors have an everlasting love. Their joy and loyalty is simply admirable. If they can adore you and love you through and through every day, you can find that serene joy in yourself and put it to practice with your pup.


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Featured Image via Petcha

Written by: Stephanie Valente

July 14, 2015

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