5 Scruffilicious Seniors Who Are Giving Puppies Serious Competition In The Cuteness Game

Written by: BarkGood

November 5, 2014

November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month, have you heard? Sure, our mature pup friends might not have that new puppy smell, but they aren’t teething on your favorite shoes, either! Yes, while some humans would rather pretend birthdays don’t exist after 29, senior pups know that being rich in life experience is where it’s at! So, adopt a senior pup, k?

Here are some highly eligible BarkBuddies who are looking for love late in life – could you be their pawfect match?


All Rique needs in life is to lounge around, get some scratches behind his ears and be able to go on walks with his humans. Not too much to ask!


Rique was a shelter favorite and apparently has the cutest bounce to his trot. Join Rique in enjoying his elder years!

He’s adoptable through Ain’t That A Pittie in Jim Thorpe, PA. Email [email protected] for more info.


Willamina has the good looks (and taste in hairstyles) to match her 12 years of life experience. She ruvs people, other dogs, and prefers to be carried through life in the arms of a human. Walking is for puppies!


Snag this amazing pup from United Hope for Animals in Pasadena, California.

Interested in adopting her? Email us at [email protected]!


Dozer’s favorite pastime is napping – and he deserves it! He loves giving kisses to his favorite people and even gets along with cats.


His rescue explains that Dozer is 48 pounds, and he likes to have all 48 pounds of him petted. Maybe you can help him!

Adopt him from Shelter From The Storm in Madison Wisconsin. Email us at [email protected] to get started.


Just look into Barney’s eyes and tell us he is not your soulmate! Barney hails from Boulder, CO and even though he hasn’t had an easy go at things, he is loving life around humans and pups!


He enjoys going for leash walks, and he’d really like to do that with you!

To adopt Barney from Summit Dog Rescue send an email to [email protected]!


Lucky is nine-years-old and while he may have some vision issues, he sees his future clearly and is on the lookout for his forever family.


He’s located in Portland, OR and is being cared for by My Way Home Dog Rescue who’s says he gets around really well, is gentle and restful.

Could this elder pup be your match? Email [email protected] to find out!

Check out more adoptable seniors on BarkBuddy!

Written by: BarkGood

November 5, 2014

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