Service Dog Aces All Her Classes, Gets Her Own Yearbook Photo Next To Her Human

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 6, 2016

Presley is a dog who attends Good Hope Middle School in Louisiana. She goes to many classes and learns a lot of things – she probably knows how to solve really difficult word problems.

Oh, and she also protects her human, Seph Ware. Seph is 14 and has muscular dystrophy.

presley 2

Seph’s mom Lori told CBS:

Some of the teachers have seen when Seph becomes unstable Presley will get up next to him and stabilize him.

This is extremely important, as muscular dystrophy causes extreme muscle weakness. Presley allows Seph to keep his independence.

presley 3

Plus, the pair are besties, and have all kinds of fun together.

Presley’s inclusion in the yearbook was unexpected. After Seph finished taking his photo, the yearbook sponsor wanted to take a few pics of his pup. After 10 minutes, they had the shot – and it’s freaking pupdorable.

More than the photo is cute, it showcases the profound bond that a service dog and her human share. It highlights the impact a service dog has on their handlers life – they are there for every moment, every step of the way, doing everything they can to keep their human safe.


By now, the photo of the service dog team has gone viral, thanks to Todd Walker’s Facebook post. According to CBS, Seph’s parents didn’t even know the photo had gone viral until much later.

We’re so glad this photo has gained so much attention. It’s important for everyone to understand the incredible impact service dogs have on the lives of their humans.

High paws to Presley! We’re sure that she and Seph will continue to have an amazing time at school and everywhere else they go.

h/t via CBS.

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 6, 2016