10 Beautiful Ways Service Dogs Help Their Humans In Everyday Life

Written by: Regina Lizik

April 14, 2015

Helping a handler navigate the world is seriously important work, but these pups make even difficult tasks look absolutely adorable.

1. Whether they are picking up the tab for groceries…

2. …or doing the work of a pup twice their size!

3. They make passing college a breeze.

4. And seem to know when what you really need is love and affection.

austim service dog

5. Doing laundry? No problem. (Though separating by colors might be a little tricky. 😉 )

6. They’ve perfected their super market skills…


7. …And can bring home the bacon. (Maybe to buy some bacon. Pretty, please?_

8. Pushing buttons is a speciality.

service dog opens door

9. And make opening doors look as easy as fetch!

10. They even make trips to Disney World better!

Feature image via YouTube

Written by: Regina Lizik

April 14, 2015